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AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit Europe
18-19 June, 2024
etc.venues, St Paul's 200 Aldersgate St, London

2024 Attendees Include:

Who Will You Meet?

  • Enterprise

    The AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit Europe will welcome 35% of its audience from the enterprise sector including:

    • 40% manufacturing & automotive
    • 20% finance
    • 20% pharma
    • 20% consumer (entertainment, retail, gaming etc.)
    What our attendees say

    Attending the AI Hardware and Edge AI conference was an eye-opening experience that exceeded my expectations. It seamlessly blended technology with environmental concern. The focus on compute efficiency was impressive, with a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of AI systems. The event provided excellent networking opportunities, fostering inclusive and collaborative discussions. I connected with experts from diverse backgrounds, generating valuable insights. The conference showcased the intersection of technology, environmental concern, and human connections. I'm inspired to make a positive impact in AI while prioritizing sustainability. Looking forward to future editions!

    Architect, Lululemon
  • Hardware Vendors

    Companies within our network include:

    • AMD
    • Cerebras Systems
    • NVIDIA
    • Groq
    • Graphcore
  • Systems Vendors

    Companies within our network include:

    • IBM
    • Huawei
    • HPE
    • Lenovo
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft
    • AWS
    • Google
    • Tencent
  • Hyperscalers

    We attract all major hyperscaler companies, from across the globe. 

    What our attendees say

    It was one of best organized, no nonsense, engaging and well orchestrated conferences I attended. The speaker lineup, conference expo and sessions were top notch, highly recommended and will be attending next year. 

    Sr. Director, Meta
  • Software/MLOps

    Companies within our network include:

    • Microsoft Azure
    • HuggingFace
    • OpenAI
    • DeepMind
    What our attendees say
  • Gen AI & Model Builders

    We're building an extensive generative AI focused audience as part of our Generative AI Series. Find out more here

    What our attendees say
  • Press

    We attract press globally with key media outlets covering our events before, during and after. Check out some highlights here

    What our attendees say

Why Attend?

Enterprise ML Experts

Attend a unique AI systems event that will give you both hardware and software tools and techniques for training, deploying, and serving machine learning.  The program contains a mixture of state-of-the-art topics and practical tutorials, so you know what is out there, and what you can use. 40% of our audience are enterprise ML practitioners just like you!

Technology Vendors

Attend the premier event for the AI infrastructure ecosystem, which blends systems, software, tooling, and applications for a unique proposition that focuses on making ML faster, more efficient, and more affordable. If your product fits into this category, your peers and customers are here!