Ola Tørudbakken, | Kisaco Research


Ola has 30 years of experience building distributed systems and high-performance networking across AI, HPC, Enterprise and Telco. 

Ola currently serves as Director of AI Systems at Meta. Previously Ola was SVP Systems at Graphcore, driving their 2nd generation AI systems. Ola came to Graphcore through the acquisition of Skala Technologies, an AI startup he co-founded. Prior to Skala, Ola worked as Chief Architect of Networking and Netra Servers at Oracle. Ola joined Oracle through the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. At Sun, Ola served as Distinguished Engineer, amongst many things responsible for the famous 3456-port Magnum Infiniband Switch now on display in the Computer Museum, Silicon Valley. Prior to Sun Ola was at Dolphin ICS, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000. Ola started his career as a research scientist at SINTEF, a Norwegian industrial research organization.

Ola is a recognized industry expert in distributed systems, holds over 48 patents, has published several papers in leading publications, and participated in numerous standardization bodies. Ola holds an MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Oslo in 1994

Job Title: 
Director AI Systems