Greg Ombach | Kisaco Research


Dr. Grzegorz (Greg) Ombach is a highly accomplished and visionary senior executive passionate about driving innovation and change. Throughout his career, he has led the development and implementation of game-changing innovations that have disrupted industries and driven growth. With a truly global outlook, having worked at various companies e.g. Siemens VDO, Qualcomm, Airbus across Europe, the USA, and China, he specializes in creating innovative solutions that meet customers' needs and transform industries.

As the Head of Disruptive Research and Technology at Airbus, Greg focuses on accelerating the development of disruptive technologies and solutions that can shape the future of aerospace. He collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to identify emerging trends and opportunities and develops strategies that drive innovation and continuous learning across all Airbus divisions.

Greg's leadership and commercial expertise have led to his success in high-tech
innovations, change, and commercialization. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors at AdvEn Industries Inc, he has helped transform the company from a research and development startup to a disruptive growth company with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and industry-leading patented and patent-pending technologies for next-generation batteries, energy storage systems, and other applications.

Greg is a dynamic leader passionate about managing technological innovation from ideation to broad market adoption. His ability to drive transformative change across multiple industries has earned him a reputation as an effective and inspiring leader who thrives in dynamic environments. With a track record of leading game-changing innovations, Grzegorz has the potential to transform industries and is a respected leader in the field of innovation and change.

Job Title: 
Head of Disruptive R&T Technology & Engineering, Senior Vice President